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Meso-Sculpt C71

For the 2rst time ever, the lipid reduction effect is achieved while preserving viable fat cells

The key components of the product are

º LipoBlock XP2 — inhibits at the gene expression level production of new fat cells, prevents fat accumulation both from fat rich and carbohydrate rich diets, induces lipolysis and fat burning

º Hexapeptide-17 — opioid peptide, activates lymphatic drainage via lymphatic vessel δ-opioid receptors, stimulates microcirculation, reduces inflammation

Mechanism of action

º Reduces adipogenesis (generation of new fat cell)

º Blocks the uptake of dietary lipids by existing fat cell

º Inhibits lipogenesis (fatty acid synthesis in fat cells)

º Stimulates lipolysis and fat «burning»

º Triggers mitochondrial biogenesis

º Reprograms white adipocytes into beige adipocytes